• Enterprise Name: Leji Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.
  • Product Category: Guitars,Ukulele,Electric Basses
  • Create Date: 22 November 2006
  • Enterprise Address: Shandong, China
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Company Profile

Leji Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. of Changle County, Weifang City is a musical instrument manufacturing company mainly producing pure handmade F-air jazz guitars, electric guitars and electric basses, special audio for musical instruments, and leather cases. Leji Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. introduces advanced Japanese craftsmanship and exquisite Korean technology, and skillfully integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern industrial design concepts.

The hand-made F-hole jazz guitar is even more beautiful. Leji Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. abides by the business philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by reputation, and target customers' needs", customize or authorize products according to customer needs, and wholeheartedly establish various forms of development with domestic and foreign merchants. Cooperation, and seek common development.


Product Classification

Thank you all for your love and support. I hope my music can bring you more happiness.

  • Electric Guitars
  • Electric Basses
  • Special Audio For Musical Instruments
  • Loudspeaker Box
  • Guitar Bag
  • Leather Cases

"Protecting the environment and all its precious resources has been at the forefront of my family’s business since its inception." —Grote Company Chairman ,David Protecting the environment has always been important to us. After all, there’s nothing more critical to our future—and everyone else’s—than developing forests with long-term sustainability.We’ve embraced responsible use of traditional tonewoods and encouraged building guitars with alternative woods.HPL material is a good substitute for wood and has been used in various fields, and has been widely used in the manufacture of musical instruments.We have made HPL material into guitar fingerboard for LPF-001,LPS-003 ,NEW35-001 , which has high strength, hardness and stability compared to traditional fingerboard, HPL has a clear sound similar to quality ebony, but effectively avoids the undesirable characteristics associated with ebony. It brings stability and clarity to the sound, while adding higher overtones and harmonics, making each note more clear.. As a company, we’re committed to recycling everything we can, wasting as little as possible, and working to minimize our impact on the planet. We think you're going to love your Grote as well. Grote makes a guitar for every type of player. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a first time buyer; an acoustic troubadour or a hard rock hero, Grote has you covered.